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 Mark Williams

 Conceptualizer - Producer - Director
 Writer - Creative Consultant
Theatrically and creatively an eclectic, Mark Williams has exercised and proven his expertise and talents in the mediums of Television, Theater, Nightclubs, Conventions and Infomercials/Direct Response Marketing.  Born in Chicago, Illinois, he completed his formal education at DePaul University with a B.A. in Fine Arts.  He then continued his education with extended drama studies at UCLA and the celebrated Sherman Marks Theater Group in Los Angeles, California.  Additionally, he is a member of the Directors Guild of America, the Writers Guild of America, BMI and the Electronic Retailers Association.
Mark Williams is a rarity in the television infomercial industry because he combines his entire theatrical and commercial know-how into the presentation of the product.  He designs a show to be unique and provoking with his practice of consumer positioning and entertaininment because of his showmanship flair. 
Mark Williams, Jenilee Harrison and Robert Culp on the set of, "Just in Case," the Mace infomercial

Dave Del Dotto, Don Ho, Mark's mom (Berdie) and Mark Williams on the set of the Don Ho, "Return to Paradise," Show

A veritable maverick, his team and associates are made up of highly talented, experienced, skillful people who have been responsible for some of the most successful infomercials and theatrical television shows known.
Throughout his career he has concerned himself with the human experience, human potential, success achievement and fulfilling people's needs in America.  He is a strong advocate of the inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness and his lifelong banner has been CCC: courage, compassion, and curiosity.
Marilu Henner, Mark Williams, and Leeza Gibbons at the Annual ERA Awards Show.
Mark Williams shows have been critically acclaimed by The New York Times, Variety, The Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Playboy, The Washington Post, The National Press Club, Infomercial Marketing Report, The Jordan Whitney Report, ABC News, The Today Show, UCLA, CBS and countless other news media entities throughout the nation.
Reading from left to right: Dave Del Dotto (and son Giovanni Del Dotto), Mark Williams, Elizabeth Williams, John Davidson and Doug Bornstein

Judith Light and Mark Williams preparing for the ERA Annual Awards Show

One of the industry's major pioneers, the award winning producer has been credited for setting and presenting high quality standards for the infomercial industry since 1982 and he boasts some of the industries longest running campaigns in TV history such as the award winning Dave Del Dotto shows - 9 years and the National Grants Conferences shows - 12 years

Furthermore, he produced the very first celebrity-hosted infomercial, with E.G.Marshall , "How To Be Successful In America Today" and also the largest informercial audience in history - 5000 people at Madison Square Garden for "The Financial Freedom Achievement Awards," hosted by William Shatner. His DRTV shows have generated a BILLION dollars in revenue.

Mark Williams Entertainment Organization, L.L.C.
375 East Warm Springs Road, Suite #102
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Personal Contact: Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 223-1974 

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