Mark Williams Entertainment
Mark Williams Entertainment

Below are but a few of the projects Mark has created and produced.

Mark Williams produces and directs
Donald Trump's Latest TV Show


  • The Donald Trump Way to Wealth Show One and Show Two - hosted by Anne Howard and Dara Tominovich
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - starring T, Harv Eker and hosted by Suzanne Whang
  • Burke Spencers Miracle Body Shaper - Starring Kris and Bruce Jenner
  • Just in Case - hosted by Jenilee Harrison and Robert Culp
  • Financial Freedom in America Today - hosted by John Davidson and Featuring Dave Del Dotto - 9 year campaign
  • Financial Independence Now - hosted by Monty Hall
  • Thirty Days to Better Grades - hosted by Alan Thicke and Featuring Wayne Gretsky and Joe Montana
  • Financial Freedom Achievement Awards -  at Madison Square Garden in New York City featuring the largest infomercial audience known, 5000 people. Hosted by William Shatner. Featuring Wally "Famous" Amos, Mary Lou Retton, Dave Del Dotto, and Andre Dawson 
  • Go for your Dreams - hosted by Dave Del Dotto
  • Eagle Eyes - hosted by Jim Lampley
  • Fortune Builders - hosted by Dick Van Patten
  • The National Home Business Association
    Special Report, Parts 1- 4 - 
    hosted by Marc Ericson, Wendy Atherton, Dana West and Debbie James - 4 year campaign
  • Money From Home - hosted by Fran Tarkenton and Kim Alexis
  • Free Money - hosted by Jim Lampley and Laurie Blum
  • Personal Fortune -  hosted by Jenilee Harrison - 3 year campaign
  • National Grants Conferences:
    How to Get Grants in America Today
    hosted by Marc Ericson, Suzanne Whang, Yolanda Gaskins & Kylie Jaye - 12 year campaign
  • The Government can Make you Rich - hosted by Darla Haun
  • Fast Cash and Phone Cards -  hosted by Rena Sofer
  • Oasis Life Renewal System - hosted by Frankie Avalon
  • The MG Commander Driver - hosted by Mike Ditka


  • 14 Film Presidential Campaign Series - 3M
  • Mission to Prevent Future Shock - NBC
  • Jaques Cousteau/Profile of the Queen Mary
  • How  to be Successful in America Today - hosted by E.G. Marshall
  • 20TH Century Assassinations - 3M
  • The Washington Workshop - 3M


  • Electronic Retailing Association Annual Award Shows
  • The American Dairy Association
  • Showman's League of America
  • United Airlines
  • Sony's Showest Convention - Click here to find out more.


  • JFK - starring Jeremiah Collins critically acclaimed multi-media theatrical stage biography/profile of President John F. Kennedy, Circle-In-The-Square, New York, and a four year national tour.
    Click here to find out more.
  • What Have you Got to Lose - comedy game show starring Adam West and C.J. the orangutan. 
  • Booker - NBC theatrical Movie-of-the-Week/Development.
  • The Wally Amos Happiness Show - one hour variety show starring Wally "Famous" Amos, Irene Cara, Captain Gerald Coffee, and Don Ho., 7 shows.
  • The Don Ho Twenty Year Reunion Show - one hour variety show starring Don Ho.


  • "Has Anyone Seen My Dream" - motivation show
  • "I Didn't Know That " - comedy information show
  • "Giancana " - Feature film project based on the best-selling book, "Double Cross". The infamous mobster Sam Giancana, his link with the Kennedy family and subsequent assassination.
  • "How to Live in America" (8 Languages)

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