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Throughout his career, Mark Williams has concerned himself with the human experience, human potential and success achievement. A Strong advocate of people's inalienable rights to the pursuit of happiness, he believes that anyone can have what they want out of life and he reminds us, on a more passionate note, that we spend a precious and unreasonably limited period of time on this earth, which we call life, and that it should be meaningful, fulfilling and not wasteful. He also reminds us that you must always endeavor to be the contender, that the dream doesn't die when the dreamer stops dreaming and significantly, that it's always better to create and paint your own rainbow! His lifelong banner has been the three C's: Courage, Compassion, Curiosity.

Mark Williams is television's most celebrated dream merchant in that he has developed and produced more national success-achievement shows than anybody else, reaching millions of people throughout the nation. His shows are directly responsible for having created, encouraged and inspired thousands of success stories.

I'm Giving You a Rainbow
Sin Foley Cordez - Albert Maligmat

You're Something I've Been Wanting to Do
Angelo Ferrari-Bonet

Here in America
Cathy Demman-Brian Bywater

I Won't Forget My Once Upon A Time
Don Ho

Little Girl
Angelo Ferrari

Always You
Angelo Ferrari

Gotta Find Me A Mountain
Angelo Ferrari

Who Known What will be in Time
Angelo Ferrari

Hey Mountain I'm Coming
Angelo Ferrari

Just One Word At a Time
Angelo Ferrari

Do It
Angela Ferrari-Bonet

Believing in Aloha
Robert Shinoda

They Said They'd Never Do It
Robert Shinoda

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