Mark Williams Entertainment
Mark Williams Entertainment

For more than twenty years, Mark Williams has been recognized industry-wide for helping set standards of excellence in the world of DRTV with an unparalleled list of multi-million-dollar grossing long form transactional programming.

" Mark Williams is a consummate professional.  His depth of experience and the quality of his work ensured the excellence of our television program, "THE DONALD TRUMP WAY TO WEALTH."  But what really set Mark apart was the passion and commitment that he brought to the project as a producer and director.  He was an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to partnering with Mark on many future projects."
Michael W. Sexton, President
Trump University

"Working with Mark Williams has been a wonderful experience for us. He brings his creativity and charm to every project he does and has everyone on the set feeling confident and relaxed. We have never worked on a project where the production crew has been so organized and ready to shoot! Mark has a vision for what he wants and he knows just how to get the best out of everyone. He is so easy to work with and really takes the task at hand very seriously. He is such an accomplished producer and director that he makes shooting the entire show painless while producing a superior product. Working with Mark, we know we are in good hands every time, and trust him 100%. He is professional and makes shooting a show with him a fabulous experience. We can't wait for the opportunity to work with him again...he gives a Gold Medal performance every time!"

Kris and Bruce Jenner

I have worked as a TV host for the past eleven years, but rarely do I find someone who I am fascinated by, drawn to, and excited to learn from as I work. At our first meeting, I knew he was standout, not by what he had done, but who he was.

Working with Mark was a joy. It is said that if you love what you do you'll never work at day in your life. It's like that with him. He is calm, organized, energized, eloquent, respectful, and above all incredible positive. You find yourself desperately wanting to do your best work to make him happy but knowing that if you slip he is right there without judgment, annoyance or anger. He gives elegant and extremely experienced suggestions offering much certainty to a cast and crew. He leads and we follow. He lets his work and its outstanding results speak for him.

I not only like Mark Williams as a person, and revere him as a high-end creative professional - but I like the person and presenter I am when I am around him. It's an extraordinary experience. One I hope to repeat many times over in years to come.

Kylie Jaye - Int'l TV Personality.

"Mark Williams is one of the most creative, resourceful and experienced infomercial producers, writers, directors, in the advertising world today.  His experience and abilities make him a multi-skilled, consummate professional who's a pleasure to work with." 

Timothy R. Hawthorne
President, Hawthorne Communications

 "Since 1985 , Mark  and I have worked together on countless, successful infomercials.  There's no one better!" 

Doug Bornstein
Alexander Communications, Inc.

 “Mark Williams has the ability to bring out the very best in all those who have the good fortune to work with him. He is the most passionate and caring person I have ever met, and combined with his calm & confident manner, is a master at creating an excellent work environment. His shows not only look beautiful on the outside, but are beautiful on the inside as well, which, I’m certain, is a factor in the amount of huge successes he’s had. Working with Mark was truly one of my favorite experiences and I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with him again!”

Anne Marie Howard

 "I have worked with a great many people in the fields of advertising and infomercials. In my opinion, Mark Williams is the best!"  

Donald J. Moine, Ph. D
Association for Human Achievement, Inc.

 "Working with Mark Williams was an enjoyable opportunity.  His leadership established a very positive, decisive work environment for the entire CBS staff and crew and we look forward to more successful productions with him."  

Rosemary Russell
Business Development/CBS, Inc.

"I have worked with Mark Williams for many years on some of the most involved and difficult productions. He is calm, intuitively creative and attentive to every detail. If I had something to sell or market, a conference with Mark would be the first step in moving forward."

Earl Greenburg
Transactional Marketing Partners

"Mark Williams is a producer committed to quality and results.  We always look forward, eagerly, to working on his projects!"

Joann Levey
Exec. V.P./ The Media Team

"Mark Williams, the pioneer of creative, quality, exciting and successful infomercials, still remains at the forefront of the industry!" 

Jeff Glickman
World Class Marketing, Inc.

"Mark Williams produces with integrity, commitment, and a genuine belief that certain products can be a true benefit to the mass-market.  He cares about his products, his programs, and his relationships, and best of all, he delivers the goods."

Greg Renker
Co-Founder/Guthy-Renker Corporation

"What a pleasure to work with a master in his field.  Mark's care and spontaneity were a vast learning experience and an inspiration.  I am better for having worked with him."

Lise Simms

"Mark Williams is a winner and understands the psychology of what motivates a viewer to pick up the phone and dial that 800 number better than almost any producer in the world."

Hal Morris,
Director, Direct Response Education/UCLA

"Mark's vision is crystal clear and cutting edge, melded with his obvious belief in the magic of creativity and spontaneity, he's a dream to work with!" 

Darla Haun

 "We always look forward to reviewing Mark William's infomercial productions in the Greensheet, because we know if Mark is involved, the show will be well produced and on target with its products.  Mark's vast experience in the direct response industry is always reflected in his work.  He's one of the best!"  

Claire and John Kogler
Jordan Whitney, Inc.

"Mark Williams is truly a shining light in this industry.  It's great to work with someone of integrity."

Elliot Segal
Guthy-Renker Corporation

"I have starred in some of the biggest and best film and TV productions in Hollywood and I was amazed with the talent, enthusiasm and vision of Mark Williams.  My only hope is to be at the front of the line of people who want to work and shine with him!"   

Jenilee Harrision

"Mark Williams has always provided us with interesting challenges from a diverse range of projects.  It is a pleasure to work with a creative individual who also encourages creative input from us.  It is also refreshing to work with someone who has a thorough understanding of the editing process and by knowing this, Mark makes more efficient use of his budgets and it really shows in the high quality of programs he produces." 

Mark Brown
Director, Unitel Video-Hollywood

"Mark is a blast to work with, a total pro, and he makes the day go by very quickly! I'd work with him again in a heartbeat!"
Suzanne Whang

"Mark Williams is a treasure!!! A refreshingly, easy going, calm, soft spoken talented writer, producer, director... He is second to none and it was a joy to work with him."
Kym Douglas

Mark Williams Entertainment Organization, L.L.C.
375 East Warm Springs Road, Suite #102
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Personal Contact: Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 223-1974 

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